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Rose's Documentation (PDF)

Rose is an apricot bitch and a large bitch to boot. She has bloodlines from two of the oldest breeding kennels in the USA right now. Her dam is from the Gropetti’s Kennel and her sire is from Mtn Oaks Kennel. Rose finished her show classes in 2008 to become our third champion at Ringsides Kennel. Rose is an affectionate mastiff with a submissive temperament. She doesn’t like the show ring, but she does like being around the other dogs at Ringsides Kennel. It took Rose a few months to get used to the rigors of the show ring and show traveling. At first she would tug and fight the show lead that Cheryl Cates uses. Rose is a big bitch, she’s tall and weighs over 180 pounds. She can pull a large man around if she wants, so Cheryl earned her money showing Rose. She tolerated the show ring and let Cheryl finally show her and finish her. Rose got her show points in bunches when she finally began to showoff. She earned back-to-back majors at the Gavilan Kennel Club’s show in Hollister CA. In 2008 at the Yosemite Kennel club’s last day Rose became our third champion. We all breathed a sigh of relief because Rose was finished.

Rose is retired from the show ring, except maybe for specialties. Our breeding plans call for Leo and Rose to be bred together in the spring of 2009. This breeding will be exciting because it will be our first with both parents being our champions that we showed and finished.

Rules In A Mastiff's House

1. I am the KEEPER OF THIS HOUSE, please do not enter except on the express invitation of my Master. I HATE VIOLENCE

2. As RESIDENT PROTECTOR I have supreme and final authority at all times

3. No IMPERTNENT BEHAVIOUR will be tolerated by adults, children however are exempt

4. DON'T CRITICIZE MY MOVEMENT you may be old yourself someday, and just because I'm a little sloppy and I snore DON"T THINK I'M SLOW OR NOT ALERT

5. You can check my teeth, tug on my ears, pull my tail and cat streak in front of me, but DON'T PLAY WITH MY SOCCER BALL AND DON"T TOUCH MY RAWHIDE BONE

6. DON'T CITCIZE MY WET MOUTH it comes with this model, my Master keeps towels handy to wipe goobers & slingers, use them!

7. DON'T SMACK ME what Lion is to the cat, I am to the Dog and nobody smacks a Lion. Anyway, I was born with a guilt complex so it isn't necessary to get physical with me.

8. DON'T PUSH ME.. as the KING OF DOGDOM I have a certain reputation to maintain and I'm tougher than I look


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