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Priscilla's Documentation

After seven years of showing and breeding mastiffs, Ringsides Kennel has a mastiff bitch in the ring that is a Ringsides Kennel breeding. It seems like it took forever to breed a puppy that is as good a quality dog as the Mtn Oaks dogs we have been showing. We now have an excellent brindle bitch. She has size, big bone structure, dark brindle color, a wonderful personality and athletic movement in the ring. Pricilla is the offspring of Archie and Bessie and she has turned out to be a future champion. She won Best of Winners at the Golden Valley Kennel Club at the age of 10 months. Pricilla has won points in a dog show at an earlier age than any other dog at Ringsides kennel. She is going to have a short time in the show ring if this is any indication.

We may cut Pricillas show days short for breeding. Our intent is to produce outstanding puppies with great size and movement in the show ring. To compliment Pricillas athletic movement in the ring we are going to breed her to a Beowulfs stud dog whose head and size are unmatched. Pricilla will be bred to: Multi BIS / BISS Am Can Intl Ch Beowulfs Rockin The Boat, Grand Seiger,CGC Anchor" . Anchor is a fawn dog and with Pricillas brindle color they should make nice puppies of all colors, fawn, brindle and maybe apricot. Look for this litter in 2011.

Dogs Know

Dogs know, if men do not, that dogs and

men are close, perhaps too much

sometimes, and they do not prattle of

their deep wisdom, but it's the truth and

what they have to know. Truth and what

they give. Even if they do not wish, they

must, and follow at a heel, and haunt a

doorstep, and cry when we are gone, or

roll in the dust. To entertain us, yielding

up a paw into a hand. They whine

because the throat cannot articulate, and

even plead for man's forgiving on an

anguished note, when the legs cannot

move fast enough, or faults of clumsiness

and frolic seem to raise human wrath.

O, we are given much by these little

beasts who aggravate our days with their

absurdities and ignorance, their jealous

faithfulness, their eyes that tell as if man

were stripped to bone, had nothing more

and found bare. He still would find his

dog beside him there, to give him

comfort, and to tell him then, how good

and splendid is the race of men. Perhaps

the only error and the lie, DOG'S TELL TO MEN.

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